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At God's Mercy

Poland, World War II. 
A desperate young Jewish woman sacrifices her life to save her baby twins. Decades later, in New York, Rabbi Jeremiah Neumann discovers the existence of his long lost twin. He rushes headlong to meet him – but is shocked to discover that his identical twin is a priest. 

The two brothers travel to Poland to find out who they truly are. Page by page they uncover the terrible secret of their bloodcurdling heritage. A long-dormant evil is resurrected, and once again threatens to take the twins’ lives. Will they survive the new storm? 

At God’s Mercy is a captivating book that is hard to put down. It will take you deep behind the frontiers of human atrocity, where cruelty meets courage, and faith meets fate. Its chilling storyline bites hard at religious establishment and raises hard questions regarding human nature, faith and existence. 

This exceptionally well-devised book is immediately engaging and absorbing, introducing a heart-breaking mystery within the first few sentences. The story of At God's Mercy is all the moredisturbing because there is a certain plausibility about it - who's to say such things didn't happen in war-torn Europe?

Julie Phelps, editor


Yes, it is a suspense thriller--but one with enough intellectual and emotional gravitas to make the book a worthwhile, haunting read.

Meghan, Top 500 reviewer

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