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Poland, World War II.


A desperate young Jewish woman sacrifices her life to save her baby twins from the terrible death that awaits them.


Decades later, the two brothers travel to Poland to find her. Page by page they uncover the terrible secret of their bloodcurdling heritage. A long-dormant NAzi evil is resurrected, and once again threatens to take the twins’ lives.


Will they survive the new storm?

Over 320 positive reviews
"One of the best Holocaust mysteries..."

At God’s Mercy is a captivating book that is hard to put down. It will take you deep behind the frontiers of human atrocity, where cruelty meets courage, and faith meets fate. Its chilling storyline bites hard at religious establishment and raises hard questions regarding Judaism, Christianity, human nature, faith and existence.

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This spoke to my heart

I started reading and was immediately captivated. I could hardly put down my Kindle yet in ways I was afraid. I too found out later in my life of my Jewish heritage and now can't really trace it. I just felt what both were feeling. Thank you for this book. Shalom

Heart breaking story!

I don't have words to express the feelings I'm having after finishing this book.
We humans are a rare species, the only one who kills their kind.
Because although this is a work of fiction, there are thruths we can't avoid.
This book I think has as a bottom line love, forgivness, family, and history we must work on so it will not repeat.

What a wonderful story

Great story about a Jewish family and their family history three generational story and the out come of this family.

Beautiful beautiful story

I have read most of the books on the holocaust for some reason I am very attracted to them this story was fiction but read so real truly amazing please keep telling your stories thank you so much.

Wish could give this book 10 stars

A very moving, well written book. Many times I was moved to tears, as sad as it was (in parts) it was also very eye opening.
It's impossible to describe all my emotions. A must read.

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A word from the author:













I didn't actually write this book.

I dreamt it.

The entire plot came to me during a single night at summer's end, the summer my grandmother passed away. When I woke up, covered with cold sweat, I was so shocked by that vivid dream that I just sat down to write it, and couldn't stop. At that time I was a creative director of an advertising agency, so I simply quit my job and continued my writing frenzy, fourteen to sixteen hours a day.

It took me a month and a day to complete it, editing included. As I finished it, I yelled to my wife, who was in the other room, that the book was ready. She said, "Good! It's not the only thing that's ready -my waters just broke..."

Twelve hours later, I held my firstborn (Nova) in my hands, and the image of my late grandmother (Hellena) in my head.  

Only then did I realize why I'd had to write with such urgency.


Thank you,


L. L. Fine

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